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Children's Handprint/Footprint Zip Storage Organiser

Children's Handprint/Footprint Zip Storage Organiser

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I had so many people request for something different that’s sentimental but their child/baby can’t write or draw yet. 

These are the most PERFECT gift you could give someone! A hand print of a baby/small person!

* If you want the hand to be the exact size the height can’t be more than 15cm as it will not fit on the zip wallet. The text will also be placed where ever it will fit. Please send over a clear image of the hand/footprint. If you want the actual size please put the size in the personalisation box. If I don’t hear from you I will just put them as they are on the pouch. *

Vinyl colour options - Black or Gold

Dimensions - 19cm x 18cm x 9cm 

Once you have ordered, I will then be in touch with you in regards to the image so PLEASE leave an email address otherwise please email your picture/writing choice or contact me via Instagram @_lovemagenta 

The better quality image you send over to me of your drawing then better the finished outcome will be. Some drawings have to be tweaked slightly if the quality of the image isn’t clear or is pixelated. 

Shipping & Returns

Shipping starts from £1.95 - £3.50. Options for upgrading is available.

Collection is also available.

Once the product has been confirmed it becomes non-refundable so please make sure to double check before purchasing.

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